Burt Reynolds

Actor Burt Reynolds Classic Films: Delivernce, Longest Yard, Gator, White Lightning, Smokey and the Bandit, Sharky's Machine, etc.

R. G. Armstrong

Famous charater actor from the late 50's. Starred in Western movies and various t.v. shows. His sucess carried out into the early 2000's.

Hal Needham

Famous stuntman, director known for his work directing the hit films such as "Smokey & The Bandit", "Hooper", "Cannon Ball Run".

Clint Eastwood

Actor & Director. Best known for the Spaghetti Westerns with Sergio Leone. As Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry films. Know for his one-liners.

Sergio Leone

Famous Itilian director, Directed Spaghetti Westerns such as Fist Full of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad and The Ugly etc.

Boris Karloff

Famous for his role in Frankenstein in 1931, directed by James Whale. Karloff went on to succed as a great actor in hollywood and on stage.

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